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Got a problem setting up one of the scripts? This FAQ should help you get things working. If you're still having problems after reading through this then post a message on our help board.

500 error

The main causes for this error are the chmod not being 755, the file not being uploaded in ASCII or the path to Perl being incorrect. If you're sure those are correct then it could be a required module is missing. All our scripts use our own perl module do do a lot of routines. Make sure this file is in the same folder as the script you are trying to run. Check the script for use commands such as "use cosmic;", each use command calls a perl module, check with your host that all required modules are installed. If all the modules are installed and available then you've probably made a syntax error editing the variables. Check the section below, 'editing variables'.

404 error

This means file file doesn't exist, so you've typed it in wrong in your browser or you've uploaded to the wrong place.

Editing Variables

It it important to be careful when editing variables. All variables are in the form:-
$variablename = "value";
$variablename = 'value';
When editing make sure you do not remove the ; at the end of the line, the $ at the beggining. Also make sure you have an = in the middile, and either ' or " around the value. When a variable uses the " notation, if you want to include the symbols @, $, % or " the must be receded with a \ to make \@, \$, \% or \". You do not have to do this when the ' notation is used.

Updates are not taking effect

This means the data or output files are not being written to. Make sure they are chmod 777, and are named correctly.

Relative or Absolute paths?

A relative path is the notation to get to a file or folder from the scripts current location. An absolute path is how to get to a file or folder from the root directory. Examples:-
/home/users/sites/cosmicscripts/cgi-bin/datafolder - This is a absolute path
datafolder - This is a relative path
../public_html/datafolder - This is a relative path
With relative paths ../ means back a folder. This is very useful when you need a relative path to a folder that precedes the one the script it running in. So if you had your script installed in:-
/home/user/cgi-bin/demoscript/scriptfolder (absolute)
and the data folder was in:-
/home/user/public_html/demoscript/output (absolute)
The relative path to the data folder would be:-
../../../public_html/demoscript/output (relative)
This means back 3 folders, then into public_html/demoscript/output. All our scripts use relative paths, which are later translated to absolute paths. Make sure you have entered any paths as relative.

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