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CGI Scripts that are Very Secure, Reliable & Free! 

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-Server setup tips
-Web design guide
-RSS & Blog guide
-Useful Tools
-Tips and Tricks
-Message Board
-Spam Board
-Techie Board
-Make Money
-Free Web Space
-Free Content
-Start a Website
-Distributor program
-Link partners
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Free Scripts

-CGI & Perl Scripts
-AffiliateClick Free
-RSS creator
-Link Trade
-Cosmic Mailer Lite
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More Free Scripts

-Hit Counter
-Top Site
-Shot in the Dark
-Random Pics & Text
-Banner Rotator
-Password Protection
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-Our guide to CGI & Perl
-Visual Basic
-Programming Forums
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Free scripts available from

Below is the list of free CGI scripts available on this site. We encourage users to suggest new features, and if programmers themselves submit any modifications they make to us so that they can become available to the community. Comments and suggestions on all programs are welcome.
All of our scripts are very secure and reliable. If you are running other scripts that involve emailing or file saving routines then it may be wise to upgrade to one of our alternatives. Many free script on the market have security holes which may allow a hacker to bulk email through your site, or damage your file system.

spacer Cosmic AffiliateClick

Start your own affiliate program for free. Offer affiliates a percentage commission or a flat payment per lead or sale. Everything you need to run a basic affiliate program. Affiliates get their own login are for stats and linking, you get a management area where you can administer the program.

spacer Cosmic SimpleRSS

Start an RSS feed for your site. This free script makes creating and maintaining an RSS feed very simple. Feeds are output in RSS 1 and RSS2, we also have an RSS tutorial for information on setting up your guide.

spacer Cosmic SecureFormEmailer

This is a very secure form to email script that can be adapted to many different uses. We believe this is the most secure form to email script on the market. If you have any forms on your site that send email we recommend that you upgrade now before it's to late.

spacer Cosmic Directories Lite

Have your very own Yahoo or DMOZ style directory. Completely customizable appearance. Unlimited categories and sub categories with an unlimited number of sites in each. The directory is searchable and webmasters can submit their site to your directory for approval or denial. You can select an option to only list sites that return link.

spacer Cosmic Storyline

Offer your visitors the chance to add to a never ending story. Let your visitor's leave their mark on your site with this useful little script. Includes HTML and Javascript blocking so visitors cannot corrupt your story. Also has simple font features so visitors can add bold or coloured text to the story.

spacer Cosmic Tell-a-Friend

Let your surfers spread the word of your site. Another one of those ever so popular tell a friend scripts, although it does works a treat. This script has now been updated with many new security features.

spacer Cosmic Link Trade

Have you own link trading page or have your own free-for-all links list without all the hassle. The script takes all the time and hassle out of managing a links list. When set to trade only it automatically checks for return links and deny's sites that have not already linked to you.

spacer Cosmic Emailer Lite

A Very Secure simple yet effective mailing list. Time saving and easy to use with a built in admin. Start a mailing list, newsletter, or e-zine for your site to keep visitors up to date with your latest products and upgrades. Opt in email marketing, build an email list to increase traffic and revenue. This script has many security features. If you are running another free mailing list script you may be at risk from hacker attacks.

spacer Cosmic Banner Rotator

Get the most out of your banner ad's by using this banner rotator. Time saving and easy to use with a built in admin. This program will not only rotate your banners throughout your pages, it will mean that instead of having to go through all your pages updating banners individually, you just need to change the code on the script and all this will be done for you! You can also add weight to banners that you want to appear more often than others.

spacer Cosmic SimpleBBS

Bulletin Board System has built in admin and infinite display options.> Unlike other boards where you have to choose a template style you can completely change the appearance of your message board. The board has been designed to rank well in search engines with all output created in standard HTML files. Threaded bulletin board, allowing for reply messages and new topics. Admin allows you to update and delete posts. This message board script is simple and straight forward to use for you and your visitors.

spacer Cosmic Clock Hit

Clock, date (in numbers US, UK or W3C or in text format 21st September 2004), day, year (great for copyright notices), text and graphic hit counter, all together or separately. Display options are totally configurable. This script is a must for all sites.

spacer Cosmic Top Site

A toplist ranking system. Have the top 'whatever you want' sites in your list. This script allows you to create your own toplist of sites, admin allows you to update and delete sites from list. Records hits in and hits out and also allows for banner images to be included for the listings.

spacer Cosmic Shot in the Dark

A simple game designed to combat the ever more popular hangman scripts. Just a nice little number guessing game. Add it to your site to give people something to do.

spacer Cosmic Gamemaker

Have your own personalized games running to match your sites content. Design and run your own Q&A style game. Random game features mean that the game will be different every time it's played.

spacer Cosmic Random Pics and Text

Allows you to create random pictures,random text or random pictures with text. This multi-functional script allows you to have your pages to load differently every time, with any picture or text content your may want. Built in admin allows you to add pictures and text to the database with ease. Excellent for tip of the day, customer comments.

spacer Cosmic Password Manager

Create password protected member areas on your site. Easy to use admin script let's you create and removed users with ease.

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