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Premium Scripts

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-Server setup tips
-Web design guide
-RSS & Blog guide
-Useful Tools
-Tips and Tricks
-Message Board
-Spam Board
-Techie Board
-Make Money
-Free Web Space
-Free Content
-Start a Website
-Distributor program
-Link partners
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-Our guide to CGI & Perl
-Visual Basic
-Programming Forums

Adding JSP to your server

JSP can be added to Linux and Windows based web servers. JSP (JavaServer Pages) is similar to CGI, ASP or PHP. Adding JSP capabilities to your server is free and gives your clients more choice when it comes to web scripts they can use. The Apache Jakarta project develop a software package called Tomcat. Tomcat is now the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. Tomcat can be installed on both Linux and Windows OS so you can take advantage of this package is you are running Apache or IIS.

Installing Tomcat (JSP capabilities)

Documentation is included on how to install and setup Tomcat. You can go straight to the download page:-
Tomcat download



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Free Scripts

-CGI & Perl Scripts
-AffiliateClick Free
-RSS creator
-Link Trade
-Cosmic Mailer Lite
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More Free Scripts

-Hit Counter
-Top Site
-Shot in the Dark
-Random Pics & Text
-Banner Rotator
-Password Protection
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