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It is essential to link all your different pages together, with just a few clicks. As we have said before, it should take a visitor no more than three clicks to find what they want or they will probably give up and leave.
You can create links to and from different pages, or to other parts of the same page.
For example, a common useful link is to have a 'back to the top' link, to take the user to the top of the page they are currently on. To create such a link, type 'Back to the Top' and highlight the words. In the properties window at the bottom of the page, there is a box labeled link. In this box write where the link wants to link to. (In this case the top of the page) This would be ......
Links can be created between all the different pages of the website. To do this select the text that will act as the link and type in the box labeled link the name of the page which you want your visitors to see.
For example if you want to link to your contact page, type the link (e.g. contact us) and highlight the text. In the link box in the properties window, type the name of your contact page (i.e. the name which you saved the contact page as.)

This is a link to our contact us page. The words contact us were typed, highlighted and the location of the contact us page (contact.htm) was typed in the link box.
When a the text becomes a link it is coloured blue and is underlined.

The html for the above contact link is as follows:-

<a href="contact.htm">contact us</a>

This basically says that the file name is contact.htm and the text displayed on the page is contact us. To produce other links, simply replace the file name and the text with the relevant information.
For example, a link to the home page would look like this:-

<a href="home.htm">home</a>

You can also link from website to website. To do this simply type in the text that you want to appear on your website, highlight it and in the link box in text properties window, type the URL of the website that you wish to link to.

For example this is a link to

The html for the above link is as follows:-

<a href="">CosmicScripts</a>

To change the site to which the link relates, simply change the URL to whichever you choose and change the text on the site accordingly.

For example to link to AllAffiliatePro, the html would be:-

<a href="">AllAffiliatePro</a>

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-CGI & Perl Scripts
-AffiliateClick Free
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-Link Trade
-Cosmic Mailer Lite
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-Shot in the Dark
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