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Server side includes

Server side includes are pieces of information read by the web server before the page is loaded to the browser, which tell the browser to include a special file within the page. They allow you to write some commonly used code once and the server will insert in into your pages for you. This is especially useful for things like title of the page which should be generic across the whole website. It is also a good feature when updating the site as you change the design once and it appears changed across the site, instead of having to update numerous different pages with the same change.

To insert a server side include, go to Insert => Script Object => Server Side Include. Here a window appears and you can select the file that you want to be inculded on all of your pages.

For example, this footer would be a common usage of server side includes as it will appear on the bottom of all the pages of the site.

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The raw html for a server side include is:

<!--#include file="server_side_include.htm" -->

This needs to be inserted within the body tags of the html. Basically to include any file you need to place the file location between the tags <!--#include file= and -->

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