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-Server setup tips
-Web design guide
-RSS & Blog guide
-Useful Tools
-Tips and Tricks
-Message Board
-Spam Board
-Techie Board
-Make Money
-Free Web Space
-Free Content
-Start a Website
-Distributor program
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-Our guide to CGI & Perl
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A title for each page of the website needs to be entered so that search engines know what each page contains. The title is not displayed on the webpage. The title is entered by adding the required title between two title tags:

<title>Webmaster Tools</title>

Meta Tags

These are tags that contain information about the page which is used by web browsers and search engines. Words that relate to the page's content that you think that people will be searching should be entered. This helps to get ranked highly by the search engines. The meta tags for this page are:

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="webmaster tools, webmaster, webmaster resources, website design, making a website">

Insert your own keywords that you think people will be searching for to look for your site. Tip: targeting less popular words and phrases will actually increase your
traffic. Microsoft do a program called Good Keywords. Download the software at :

<META NAME="description" CONTENT="A webmaster resource site in website design, detailing html and Dreamweaver">

Insert a short description of your webpage. Tip: include as many keywords as reasonably possible.

<META NAME="abstract" CONTENT="Our website helps you to create a html webpage with ease.">

This is another description of your website. Do not repeat what is said in the META NAME= "description" as the search engines do not favor this. Still try to include keywords.


This tells some search engines to follow the links on your page and index them into their search database.

<META NAME="author" CONTENT="Claire Somerton">

Insert your own name or your company name. This is especially useful if you are a web designer so that people can see who made the site and perhaps pay you to design their site.

<META NAME="distribution" CONTENT="Global">

Here you can define the content of your site whether it is for viewing internationally, family orientated or adult. Options are:-
Global - Appropriate for web access.
Local - Web servers will not service a "local" document to the web.
IU - Internal use - Intranets.

<META NAME="revisit-after" CONTENT="30 days">

This tells search engine spiders when to come back and re-index your page. Insert any time period you wish.

<META NAME="classification" content="Webmaster Resources">

This tells the search engine what category to place your website into, depending on its content. Insert your own category. The options are limitless.

<META NAME="copyright" CONTENT="Copyright Claire Somerton. All rights reserved.">

This tells people who has rights over the page. Insert your mane or the company name.

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

This is the ASCII character set and the content type. This should match the output of your server. Running the W3C html validator will tell you if you have input the correct character set.

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Language" CONTENT="EN">

This is the language your site is in. Such as EN for English.

Css Link

A Css link loads a file which contains the cascading styles for your site. This allows you to design the style for your site once. You can then add this at the top of each page. A Css link is very useful when updating your site as you only have to do it once and the whole site is updated. It is often used for font styles and link styles. To enter a Css link enter:

<link type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css" rel=stylesheet title="mystylesheet">

JavaScript Link

A javascript link is similar to a Css link and has the same advantages, you can update this and the whole site gets updated. To enter a javascript link enter:

<script src="javascript.js" language="javascript" type="text/javascript"></script>

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Free Scripts

-CGI & Perl Scripts
-AffiliateClick Free
-RSS creator
-Link Trade
-Cosmic Mailer Lite
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