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Without tables in your website, the text would run from margin to margin. A table allows you to put text wherever you like on your page. Tables are a very good way of displaying your information as they are easily modified and are compatible with most browsers. In Dreamweaver, to insert a table, click on Insert => Table and the Insert Table window will appear. You can select how many columns and rows you want. Select the width you want and choose whether the value is pixels or percentage. It is often a good idea to use percentage as no matter what size the browser window, the visitor will always be able to see all the information present. Set the border to however thick you would like it, by entering number (1 is the thinnest border). Click OK and the table like the one below will appear in your document. You can align the table either using the central, left or right align scroll bar at the bottom of the page in the properties tool bar, or by using the mouse.


If you are using raw html enter the following code to get the same table:

<table width="75%" border="1" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td width="50%"><div align="center"></div></td>
<td width="50%">&nbsp;</td>
<td><div align="center"></div></td>

Tables can easily be modified once they are already in place.

In Dreamweaver:

To add in a new column, select one of the existing columns. Click on Modify => Table => Insert Column and click OK. The table now has an extra column. The same can be done to add a row (Click on Insert Row rather than Insert Column.)


To merge cells, select the cells you want to merge. Click on Modify => Table => Merge Cells. Click OK and the cells will merge. The same can be done to split a cell (Click on Split Cell instead of Merge Cells.)


You can change the width and height of the cells by moving the mouse over the border line you wish to change. The cursor will change to a border selector (Two parallel lines with outward pointing arrows.) Click and hold down the mouse button and drag the cursor to where you want the row or column resized to.


Colour can be added to the table. Highlight the cell(s) which you wish to colour. Click on the square to the right of the background colour (Bg Color) so that you can see the options. Click on the colour you want and it will appear in the selected cell(s).


A border colour can be added to the table. Highlight the whole table. Select a border colour (Border Color) by clicking on the square to thru right of the writing and selecting a colour.


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